There is so much more that we would say, if we felt fully safe.

Tonight, we are wishing that we could tell you our names, and that we could learn yours. Tonight we are wishing that nobody needed to hide from anybody.

Tonight, we are reexperiencing moments that broke us apart and made us strangers.

Tonight, we are wishing that room was being made for everybody’s peace. And then, only then, we would notice a platform for equality and joy.

We have updated and posted some more artwork that we wish to share on this platform, in the hopes that others can find some needed resonance, or some understanding, or some awareness.

There were also pieces that we did not choose, out of a cautious need for privacy, or out of concern for others’ eyes. We may choose to create a separate section of artwork, for the more graphic depictions of our life. It is strange how violence and evil can be so terrifying when forced into us, but sometimes can be so peacefully released out of us.

While it frightens us each time we attempt to be ourselves now, it is also hard not to take the chances we are being given, having been given none before.

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