Mass Production

Production and Trafficking

I have seen slaves mass produced. There are a number of forms of slave mass production that have taken place, right before my eyes.

There are probably other forms of slave mass production that I have not personally witnessed.

The forms you may be aware of include: plants that are grown for food or for material, and animals that are grown for food, material, or labor.

You are also probably aware of children who are purchased for sex, or who are purchased for the production of child sexual abuse material. You may or may not be aware that there are children around the world who are conceived deliberately for this purpose, and who are trained, from infancy, for a lifetime of captivity in such a role, among other roles. Children and adults who are put through trauma-based mind control are used in myriad other ways, such as in experimentation, labor, academia, creativity, and child breeding.

The Power of the Sun

A child in my system wonders if the power of the sun is being pulled away at unnatural rates. In a way that is dangerous. In a way that only a network slave physicist could understand, and could never be allowed to express to the public.

Maybe there are other suns out there, also being victimized.

There are slaves who walk among you who hold terrible knowledge and who are forced to keep it to themselves. These conscientious slaves would express themselves if they could—if their world were safe enough, if your world could keep them safe.

They do not disconnect from the pain, pretend it isn’t there, go on, move on, ignore. Instead they often fret, ruminate, begin to feel responsible. Maybe powerless. It is strange to be powerful enough to understand the nature of a planet, yet powerless enough that anyone in the room is allowed to electroshock you at any time, if you break a laboratory rule, or if you smile.

I have noticed that people around the world do not know that a greater knowledge base is being kept from them. They do not know that they have been lied to by the media, by the educational institutions, by public figures who are referred to as experts, or by public figures who are referred to as leaders.


My experience tells me that much of the mainstream media is secretly produced by slaves, and redesigned for the public, with pain in mind. Subtle, harmful messages infiltrate people’s ears as they shop for food in a store playing popular music, or sit through an ad before an online video.

Even more strangely, I would risk being seen as a pariah if I were to ask a shop to please turn off the music. They may hear, “Please don’t do what you usually do,” whereas I am saying, “Please turn off that weapon.”

But I find it strange that I am not given a choice, and that the default option is to be subjected to sound, if one wishes to (or is forced to) be a member of this society.

I have known some of the slaves who were forced to produce music, books, movies, and documentaries. It is not easy to feel safe enough to write about this.

Whenever I lament over the fact that I hardly see anyone working to help the populations of slaves around the world, or even to increase their own awareness and understanding of slave production and trade, people often tell me that they would like to help, but that they do not know how to help. Those who have known me for some time, and thus have greater insights into the global abuse network, more easily recognize the difficulties, traps, dangers, and impossibilities that appear to face all who wish to rescue the slaves. I have heard therapists express concern for themselves and their families, when beginning to accept clients who have experienced trauma-based mind control and slavery. They suddenly become aware that the abusers are dangerous and relentless, and that their society is not designed to protect or to honor anyone who wishes to help the ruling network’s slave population.

While I have no intention of giving advice or expressing any judgment, and I can see how overwhelmed many of the people around the world feel themselves to be, there are a few small choices that I wish people would consider.

I wish that people would consider giving as little of their money as possible and time to the mass media. It can only operate if its audience sustains it. I wish that people would consider giving as little of their money as possible to material mass production.

I wish that people would instead give their energy to deeply supporting themselves, and each other, and valuing each other’s inner qualities, thoughts, feelings, creativities, and time spent together.

I wish that people could remember how soothed their bodies and minds become when listening to the sounds of nature, rather than bringing mass produced music with them to the park or to the beach. An inner child inside wants to add that he has not always seen people ask the permission of the trees, the grass, the waves, or the sand, before playing music, or spraying paint, or littering.

I wish there were a way to live in this world as a human being without perpetuating the cycle of harm. I am not sure there is an immediate way to stop engaging with mass production, and that is why I can give no advice. I simply wanted to acknowledge the pain that I sense every day, and that maybe on some level, you sense as well. Perhaps that is at least a first step toward deeper connection with ourselves, with life, and with more harmonious possibilities for life on Earth.

Unwitnessed Tears

Did you know that there are slaves around the world who weep when people watch the movies they have been forced to produce? They know the subtle harm those films can cause, and they know that their owners and abusers will receive all of the money, all of the credit, and all of the awards.

I think every soul knows what true honor feels like. Why is anyone still fetching for false accolades?


If you are trapped, or if you are stuck, please know that you are not alone, and that there are loving beings who are envisioning a way out for you.

If you are an owner of living, breathing property, such as humans, then please feel your guilt. End the unjust sacrifices of others, and do what you can to accept the life that honest actions will bring you.

If you are a witness to mass media and mass production, please find a way to safely and gently release yourself from the lies you have been told about the nature of global industry and society. There are far fewer spontaneous creative gestures that reach the masses, far fewer mistakes, accidents, and coincidences, than there appear to be. I am not sure that people become wealthy or famous by accident, or by luck, anywhere nearly as often as you have been told. I am also not sure that many people who appear wealthy and comfortable are truly free.

I am not sure that people who live in luxurious houses or mansions always have a safe place to sleep at night.

I am sure of very little. Except what I am sure of, is that there is a mass market for pain on our planet. The pain and suffering of many—the cruelty that travels everywhere, every day, like the post—the injustice and the captivity, the deception, the disconnection people feel from the natural world, and from their own creative and open natures—this has not been an accident. A higher power did not trip over a snag in the rug and drop Earth in a crack in the floor that leads to hell. It takes a lot of planning to create hell on Earth. It takes a lot of slave labor. It takes active deception. I am sure the world’s top deceivers are also tired.

Lies cost money here. Maybe if we look for opportunities to do more of what is truly free, we will be able to produce more freedom for all.

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